This hijab is made from lightweight, soft, breathable Viscose fabric. Viscose fabrics are very breathable and cool to wear. Silky feel with a shiny finish. This hijab stays in place beautifully. Since it is lightweight, this hijab can be style in many ways. Once ironed this hijab would look great for any occasion but for a more casual look, wear the hijab crinkle. Watch our Video of how to store the hijab to achieve the crinkle look.

Please be aware that Viscose fabric is known to wrinkle after washing. 

The weave for the viscose hijab is rather loose. The lighter colors are slightly see-through so it is advisable for to wear and underscarf.

 Size: 25 inches x 70 inches 

 Care suggestion : Hand wash cold water, hang to dry

 (Please take note that Viscose tends to shrink if washed in hot water)

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