Instant ALIYA Express Easy Hijab
Easy to wear Instant Wrapped Hijab Malaysian Hijab
Easy to Wear Instant Hijab
Instant ALIYA Express Easy Hijab

Instant ALIYA Express Easy Hijab

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ALIYA easy to wear Instant Hijab for ladies that are looking for ease and simplicity. ALIYA instant wrapped express hijab will be your go to piece. Just slip in on and you are ready in seconds. The soft awning peak starts from the jawline are very flattering to any face.

NOTE : The color of actual hijab are darker than the pictures due to studio lighting. 

* Made from high quality slightly stretchy soft Moss crepe poly fabric. It dries easy and wrinkle free.
* Hijab provides full coverage to the upper body.
* Solid color front cap soft awning matching the hijab. Depends on the color some front cap awning are made from same fabric as the hijab or smooth pointe knit fabric.
* The Hijab is curve slightly on the shoulder with rounded curve for front and back area.
* Face Opening - 11", Front Length - 27", Back Length - 30",
* Care suggestion - Machine Washable / Hand wash preferred
* Imported - Malaysia