Classic Saudi Style Boy Thobe Thoub Islamic Clothing OFF WHITE

Classic Saudi Style Boy Thobe Thoub Islamic Clothing OFF WHITE

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Colored Saudi Style classic boys thobe or thoub so your boys would look just like their dad. These thobes has standard up collar with side pockets and one chest pocket. Snaps at collar and buttons at neckline for easy wear. Generous A-line cut 

Approximate measurement in inches (+/- 1" human error)

Sz 30 - Chest 29 Length 29

Sz 32 - Chest 31 Length 30

Sz 34 - Chest 33 Length 33

Sz 36 - Chest 33 Length 35

Sz 38 - Chest 34 Length 36

Sz 40 - Chest 35 Length 39

Sz 46 - Chest 37 Length 45

Sz 52 - Chest 42 Length 50

The sizes for these Abayas and Thobes/Jubbah are selected by length. 

To measure your child 

  • For length - Measure from neck to hem
  • For chest - Measure from underarm to underarm and multiply by 2 to get the whole upper body measurement.

The length measurement would be the size that you should select. However, some children have a slightly bigger upper body, so double check the chest measurement to make sure it fits. Compare the chest measurement with the chart given. Based on the chest measurement, you might want to go size up even though the length might be a little bit too long.

For a good fit, the child's chest measurement should be about 2 inches less than the measurement given on the chart.