Emerald Green Free Size  Kaftan.  Fit up to size 4X.  Sash inside for custom fit
Abaya Bisht Emerald Green Kaftan Gold Rhinestones
Dark Green Bisht Abaya Kaftan. Fit up to size 4X.

Abaya Bisht Emerald Green Kaftan Gold Rhinestones

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Soft flowy Butterfly Bisht Kaftan Abaya embellished with golden diamante rhinestones. Wide open cut abaya that can fit up to size 4X, with sash inside for custom fit. 


  • Slip-on neckline embellished with dripping rhinestones. 
  • Lining - NO
  • Matching Hijab Included
  • Fabric - Premium quality Nidha fabric that are soft and flowy with shiny overtone
  • Care Instruction - Dry Clean preferred. Hand wash cold inside-out, hang out to dry
  • Imported - Dubai

Approximate measurements are in inches of actual garment. Sizes are selected  by length. One cut abaya will fit most sizes. The length is the consideration when ordering this abaya.

  • Sz 50 - Length - 50 
  • Sz 52 - Length - 52
  • Sz 54 - Length - 54
  • Sz 56 - Length - 56
  • Sz 58 - Length - 58
  • Sz 60 - Length - 60


Guide to determine your size

* Measure from the back of neck to desired length eg. if the measurement is 56", please choose Size 56

* Rule of thumb- If you are about 5' 4" tall with standard body size, you will be able to wear a Size 56.