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Finally we have an abaya that are for smaller size sisters. AMANA abaya made in umbrella style abaya, fitted slightly at chest and flares out towards the hem. The chest is accented with cream lace overlay and embellished with rhinestones done in bow and ribbon motifs. Features fitted sleeves with cream lace cuff to match the chest decorations.

Care suggestion - Hand Wash preferred

To select this abaya choose by chest size. Alternatively you can measure your favorite abaya and compare it to the size below and select the chest size that best fit you. For a good fit your actual chest size should be about 2 inches smaller than the size below.

Size Chart

X-Small (Sz 2-4)    - Chest 36" Hips - 42" Length - 58"

Small    (Sz 4-6)    - Chest 38" Hips - 44" Length - 58"

Medium (Sz 8-10)  - Chest 40" Hips - 46" Length - 58"

Large    (Sz-10-12) - Chest 42" Hips - 48" Length - 58"

This abaya has a standard length of 58 inches which would be perfect for sisters that are about 5' 6" but for the rest of us, the abaya has to be shorten to fit our height.

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